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The livelihood of the people’s from Rasuwa district is pathetic due to the lack of strong economic condition. To improve the livelihood of the people some income generating training and activities are necessary. To raise the awareness of the local people on the importance and usefulness of the cultivation of the herbs and its natural preservation, to provide MAPs training, seed support and technical support program to local people to establish and manage nursery, to strengthen the livelihood through the self help program as the herbs farming and to preserve collect and process the herbs naturally found in the jungle RTEES Nepal has endorsed a one year project in the Northern and marginalized five VDCs (Gatlang, Goljung, Chilime, Haku and Thuman) in Rasuwa district. This is the project targeted to strengthen the livelihood of the people and mainstreaming them into the country’s development through different projects as herbal cultivation as well as collecting and processing the naturally available herbal plants in the local jungle. We have established MAPs nursery and demonstration site 12 beds. The local farmers of VDCs have achieved a great success in chiraito. They have been shifted to Chiraito farming from other farming and they have taken medical herbal farming as the reliable and lucrative and more appropriate in comparison to other traditional farming so they have also started to cultivate Satuwa.
We are more motivated and inspired by the success of our MAPs project of five VDCs. In future RTEES Nepal plans to implement MAPs project in other district of Nepal to uplift the life of poor people. For MAPs project we need large numbers of human resources to motivate and provide cultivation training to the poor people of remote villages. So, if you are interested in our MAPs project you can join with RTEES Nepal as a volunteer. We will make your placement in our MAPs projects. As a volunteer in this project your job is to motivate the local people to cultivate medicinal herbal, to give training about the cultivation of medicinal herbal, distribute seeds of medicinal herbals, and help to established nursery of medicinal herbals. If you are interested to MAPs project but you don’t have knowledge about it don’t worry if you are really interested in MAPs project you can join with us, we will provide training and knowledge about MAPs project before your placement as a MAPs volunteer. We ensure you that we will be fully cooperative during MAPs volunteer project in Nepal.

MAPs Program in Nepal Programs

MAPs Program In Rasuwa District

Area: Rasuwa

The livelihood of the people’s from Rasuwa district is pathetic due to the lack of

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Teaching English in Gatlang from 01.07.2011 - 15.07.2011 Rebecca Wolfmaier, Germany Initially I did not plan to become a volunteer in Nepal taking into account the horrendous fees...


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